The JAIC Wants You!

"The Department of Defense stands at a rare moment of historical significance. Just as in 1957 when the world was caught off-guard as we watched Sputnik launch..."

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Integrating AI and Cyber into the DoD

The Department of Defense (DoD) faces a future that is fast moving, connected, and highly contested. Technology advancements...

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The JAIC Is Supporting National Guard Efforts to Combat Destructive Wildfires

Last year’s California wildfire season was the deadliest and most destructive in United States history. More than 8,500 fires burned across nearly 1.9 million acres ...

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Artificial Intelligence – A Game Changer and Decisive Edge

On July 16, our new secretary of defense, Mark Esper, was asked by Congress what the No. 1 priority for DOD technology modernization ought to be. His response...

Lt. Gen. Jack Shanahan Media Briefing on AI-Related Initiatives within the Department of Defense

"Leadership in the military application of AI is critical to our national security. The table stakes are high..."