User Vigilance
User Vigilance Critical to Preventing Ransomware Attacks Delivering Capabilities for 2020 and Beyond

"Ransomware attacks hit a new level in 2019 and are likely to increase again in 2020, according to...."

JCF Delivering Capabilities
Delivering Capabilities for 2020 and Beyond User Vigilance Critical to Preventing Ransomware Attacks

"We finished 2019 with the initial operational capability of the Joint Common Foundation (JCF), which includes..."

HADR Disaster Response
JAIC’s BEST + BRIGHTEST Series: Celebrating Black History Month Meet Major Brandon Robinson

"As the Deputy Director for the JAIC’s PMx mission initiative, Major Robinson plans, coordinates, and synchronizes projects..."

HADR Disaster Response
Support Development, Rollout of the JCF

"The JAIC and the General Services Administration’s Centers of Excellence (CoE) announced in September 2019 that they are partnering on a nine-month-long “discovery sprint..."

HADR Disaster Response
Air Force Complements DoD AI Strategy with plans to Accelerate AI
"Artificial intelligence (AI) is a fundamental game changer for the Department of Defense (DoD) and will change the character of war..."

HADR Disaster Response
DoD AI in Disaster Response Demonstrates Progress, Promise for Future
"This year’s extensive flooding across the Midwestern and Southern United States affected close to 14 million Americans."
Army AI Task Force
Aided Detection on the Future Battlefield

"When thinking about modern warfare, it may be easy to conjure up mental images of Soldiers actively engaged on the battlefield: Rounds firing..."

JCF 101
What is the JCF platform, and why is it important?

"The Joint Common Foundation (JCF) is essentially the framework underlying the Joint Artificial Intelligence Center (JAIC) mission."

Stem Day image
The JAIC Wants You!

"The Department of Defense stands at a rare moment of historical significance. Just as in 1957 when the world was caught off-guard..."

National Cyber Awareness Month 2019 Logo
Integrating AI and Cyber into the DoD

"The Department of Defense (DoD) faces a future that is fast moving, connected, and highly contested. Technology advancements..."

HADR gif
The JAIC Is Supporting National Guard Efforts to Combat Destructive Wildfires

"Last year’s California wildfire season was the deadliest and most destructive in United States history..."

Unmanned aerial vehicle image
Artificial Intelligence – A Game Changer and Decisive Edge

"On July 16, our new secretary of defense, Mark Esper, was asked by Congress what the No. 1 priority for DOD technology modernization ought to be. His response..."

Lt. Gen. Jack Shanahan Media Briefing on AI-Related Initiatives within the Department of Defense

"Leadership in the military application of AI is critical to our national security. The table stakes are high..."