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Welcome from the DoD CIO

As the Department of Defense’s Chief Information Officer (CIO), I want to welcome you to, the DoD Joint AI Center’s (JAIC) new website!

This is an exciting time to be in the Department of Defense. Rapid technology advancements are dramatically shrinking the gap between the digital and physical worlds. We’re moving the Department’s mindset and culture from a hardware-centric and industrial-age force to a software-driven and information age one. Digital modernization is becoming synonymous with warfighting modernization.

The JAIC Supports Efforts to Combat Wildfires

The JAIC is bringing advanced computer vision AI technology to the people who bravely battle wildfires. Our work will improve response timelines and increase situational awareness to save lives, lessen environmental damage, and reduce property loss.


Careers: Find Your Future at the JAIC

From machine learning software development to program and project management, the JAIC is looking for world-class talent ready to work on challenging projects that will ultimately transform the way America’s military safeguards our nation.


Can You Help?

We partner with technology leaders from commercial industry, academia, and America’s allies to build the best possible AI capabilities for America’s military. We seek AI technology that will make an impact across all types of military activities: from the back office to the battlefield. Can your organization help?


DoD AI Strategy


“Harnessing AI to Advance Our Security and Prosperity”


AI is critical to the future of United States’ national security, and the JAIC is the focal point for the execution of the DoD AI Strategy.

We acquire and develop mature AI technology by partnering across three key communities: the Armed Services and DoD Components; academia and commercial AI industry; and America’s international allies and partners.

We exist to create and enable impact for the Armed Services and DoD Components across the full range of their missions – from the back office to the front lines of the battlefield.

The JAIC’s National Mission Initiatives (NMIs) and Component Mission Initiatives (CMIs) will directly deliver AI capability on behalf of the Armed Services and DoD Components.

The JAIC’s Joint Common Foundation (JCF) is a cloud-enabled AI platform that will accelerate the development, testing, and fielding of new AI capabilities. Use of a common AI platform with shared infrastructure resources ensures progress by one DoD AI initiative will build momentum across the entire DoD enterprise.

Leadership in ethics and values is core to everything we do at the JAIC.

We leverage AI innovations to build solutions that are aligned with America’s laws and values. The JAIC will deliver AI capabilities that help ensure our Nation’s safety and make our citizens proud.

The JAIC attracts the best and brightest people from across DoD, commercial industry, and academia. When they get here, they are empowered to bring their expertise to the Department’s transformation.

NMIs and CMIs are organized into Cross Functional Teams, mixing technical talent, domain subject matter experts, acquisition specialists, and program managers. We ensure our teams get direct access to end-user feedback and are empowered to make decisions in support of the JAIC’s mission.



Transform the way America’s military safeguards our nation