Chief Digital and Artificial Intelligence Office

DoD Data Analytics and AI Adoption Strategy

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CDAO Mission

The CDAO will accelerate DoD adoption of data, analytics, and artificial intelligence from the boardroom to the battlefield to enable decision advantage.

CDAO Vision

The CDAO envisions a modern and agile Department of Defense that fully delivers on the National Defense Strategy through a robust digital hierarchy of needs that enables Department leaders and warfighters to make proactive, timely, and impactful decisions in the boardroom and on the battlefield.

The CDAO has five primary functions:

  1. Lead and oversee DoD' s strategy development and policy formulation for data, analytics, and AI.
  2. Work to break down barriers to data and AI adoption within appropriate DoD institutional processes.
  3. Create enabling digital infrastructure and services that support Components' development and deployment of data, analytics, AI, and digital-enabled solutions.
  4. Selectively scale proven digital and Al-enabled solutions for enterprise and joint use cases.
  5. Surge digital services for rapid response to crises and emergent challenges.
Dr. Radha Plumb
Dr. Radha Plumb Chief Digital and Artificial Intelligence Officer
Ms. Margie Palmieri
Ms. Margaret (Margie) Palmieri Deputy Chief Digital and Artificial Intelligence Officer

Col. Thomas Kilbride, USA
Col. Thomas Kilbride, USA Acting DCDAO for Algorithmic Warfare
Ms. Bonnie Evangelista
Ms. Bonnie Evangelista Acting DCDAO for Acquisitions
Mr. john D. Turner
Mr. John D. Turner Acting DCDAO for Policy

Dr. William (Bill) Streilein
Dr. William Streilein Chief Technology Officer
Mr. Daniel Holtzman
Mr. Daniel Holtzman Chief Information Officer
John Waterson
Mr. John Waterson Director, CJADC2 Division
Jennifer Hay
Ms. Jennifer Hay Director, Defense Digital Service (DDS)
Angela Cough
Ms. Angela Cough Special Advisor to CDAO Digital Talent Management