DoD Joint AI Center participates in the fourth International AI Dialogue for Defense
    Event hosted for the first time by the UK Ministry of Defence

    By: JAIC Public Affairs   |  

The Department of Defense Joint Artificial Intelligence Center (JAIC) held the AI Partnership for Defense (PfD) dialogue on October 20-21 with military and defense institutions from 16 allied and partner nations. The PfD, led and created by the JAIC, is a recurring forum for like-minded defense partners to discuss respective policies, approaches, challenges, and solutions in adopting AI-enabled capabilities. This fourth occurrence of the AI-focused defense dialogue was hosted for the first time by the UK Ministry of Defence and builds on the previous meetings held within the last year, focused on developing and implementing AI ethics principles in defense, data readiness and an AI ready workforce.

“The JAIC truly values the thought leadership that the Partnership for Defense members bring to the table. I commend all members for the discipline, hard work and patience of each country as we collectively pursue AI. The focus of this session, governance, is critical. While ‘governance’ is a simple word, it is complex and the many factors that surround operational and effective government are dense,” said Lieutenant General Michael Groen, JAIC Director. “There is not one size fits all; but it is exceedingly fruitful to listen to how other countries are pursuing governance and then apply it to our own unique solution.”

The partnership, which expanded from 13 to 16 nations in May, was launched by the JAIC in 2020 to collaborate and share global best practice. The importance of the reoccurring forum was underlined by the recent U.S. National Security Commission on AI that reported to Congress earlier this year.

“The UK team developed an excellent agenda that fostered a fruitful discussion on best practices for AI governance,” said Stephanie Culberson, who leads international affairs for the JAIC. “It is critical that we work with our international partners as we evolve toward an interoperable, AI-ready force.”

To maximize the advantage of alliances and defense partnerships in an era of great power competition, it is critical to align AI efforts and maximize interoperability for combined operations. DoD leaders emphasize that an early focus on working through issues and requirements will enhance the ability of militaries to work and operate together in the digital era.

PfD meetings will continue at future regular intervals to enable the sharing of good practices and to encourage international cooperation and multilateral coordination on artificial intelligence for defense. Ultimately, a strong coalition of AI ready partners will serve as the backbone for interoperability and responsible use of AI.