Press Release
DoD Joint AI Center Facilitates Third International AI Dialogue for Defense

By JAIC Public Affairs  |  

The Department of Defense Joint Artificial Intelligence Center hosted the third AI Partnership for Defense (PfD) dialogue May 26-27 with military and defense institutions from 16 allied and partner nations. The PfD is a recurring forum for like-minded defense partners to discuss respective policies, approaches, challenges, and solutions in adopting AI-enabled capabilities. This AI-focused defense dialogue builds on the previous meetings, held in September 2020 and January 2021, focused on developing and implementing AI ethics principles in defense and data readiness.

The two-day dialogue focused on ways in which defense institutions can organize, recruit, educate, train, and retain an AI-ready workforce for the digital era. Representatives from various partner nations discussed human capital strategies and policies, the role of leadership in driving organizational and cultural change, education and training programs to train and retain government employees, collaboration with private sector, and tools and processes to modernize the digital workforce.

“The AI Partnership for Defense is a prime example where we can work side-by-side with key international partners to advance our shared interests and collectively problem-solve,” said Deputy Secretary of Defense, Kathleen Hicks. “Together, we have the opportunity to lead in responsibly developing and using AI capabilities for defense and upholding and promoting our shared democratic norms and values.”

In May, the PfD expanded from 13 to 16 nations by adding Germany, the Netherlands, and Singapore. The Partnership now consists of military and defense delegations from Australia, Canada, Denmark, Estonia, France, Finland, Germany, Israel, Japan, the Republic of Korea, Norway, the Netherlands, Singapore, Sweden, the United Kingdom, and the United States.

PfD meetings will continue at regular intervals in 2021 to enable the sharing of good practices and to encourage international cooperation and multilateral coordination on artificial intelligence for defense.

To maximize the advantage of alliances and defense partnerships in an era of great power competition, it is critical to align AI efforts and maximize interoperability for combined operations. DoD leaders emphasize that an early focus on working through issues and requirements will enhance the ability of militaries to work and operate together in the digital era.

“Interoperability goes beyond technical cooperation,” said Stephanie Culberson, who leads international affairs for the JAIC. “It requires organizational reforms, innovative policies and warfighting concepts, joint infrastructure, and, in particular, a shared ethical framework to drive responsible AI.”

The Partnership is a critical vehicle providing meaningful exchange and values-based global leadership for the adoption of AI in defense. Ultimately, a strong coalition of AI ready partners will serve as the backbone for interoperability and responsible use of AI.

“We thank all of the members of the AI Partnership for Defense for their commitment, collaboration, and teamwork,” said Lieutenant General Michael Groen, JAIC Director. “Your contributions to this dialogue are valued and will help us capitalize on best practices that contribute to transformative and responsible applications of AI for our militaries.”