JAIC’s Chief Technology Officer Transitions from Nand Mulchandani to Dr. William Streilein
    By: JAIC Public Affairs   |   MAR 08, 2022

Nand Mulchandani has turned over duties as the DoD’s Joint Artificial Intelligence Center’s Chief Technology Officer to Dr. William Streilein from MIT Lincoln Labs. Mulchandani joined the JAIC team as the first official Chief Technology Officer in 2019, after more than 25 years working in Silicon Valley.

“It still feels like a dream to me - from visiting the Pentagon for the first time to looking back at the intense work we did at the JAIC and across the Department to help deploy and scale AI and technology through policy, community building, acquisition, and, of course, working closely with American technology companies to build and deploy dozens of key products across multiple verticals,” said Mulchandani. “Undoubtedly, the best of all was working with my military and civilian colleagues who are some of the smartest, most dedicated, mission-focused, and fun people to work with. Dr. Streilein brings a wealth of experience that will benefit the Department and its critical journey to AI adoption.”

"Nand Mulchandani has been an extraordinary patriot, technologist and friend. As a serial-entrepreneur, his expertise in systems implementation and application brought a welcome set of perspectives and connections that have really accelerated the Department's efforts,” said LtGen Michael Groen, Director of the JAIC. “His passion for technology, industry understanding, and business acumen helped to mature the JAIC from a nascent organization to one that supported COVID response, wildfire suppression, autonomy platforms and a wide range of capabilities. Nand is a true patriot, stepping in to join the JAIC with a focus on 'giving back' to our Nation and ensuring the success of our warriors.”

Dr. William Streilein comes to the JAIC from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology Lincoln Laboratory where he served as the Principal Staff of the Biotechnology and Human Systems Division. In this role, he leveraged his technical and leadership experience to advance the application of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning to solve national challenges in biosecurity, health, and human performance. Bill was also the Leader of the Cyber Analytics and Decisions Group, and his research interests focused on cyber security, passive network and traffic analysis, streaming analytics, and computer vision. Prior to MIT Lincoln Laboratory, Streilein spent nine years working as a software engineer within the private sector. Additionally, he serves as a chair of the Artificial Intelligence for Cyber Security (AICS) and Robust Artificial Intelligence Systems Assurance (RAISA) academic workshops and is a senior member of the Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers (IEEE) and an active member of the Association for the Advancement of Artificial Intelligence (AAAI). Streilein is a recognized leader in areas such as machine learning, artificial intelligence, cyber security, and statistical analysis.

As he looks to the challenge of enabling AI adoption at the Department of Defense, Dr. Streilein, said, “I am excited and humbled for the opportunity to build upon previous successes and contribute the JAIC's mission of AI adoption."

"We are lucky to have Bill join the JAIC. He brings PhD-level talent in cognitive and neural systems, and much more. Dr. Streilein is an extraordinary AI talent, who started making an impact on day one, and has rapidly accelerated into the mission. Coming from MIT Lincoln Laboratory, Bill brings not only deep knowledge of AI implementation, but also an innate understanding of the challenges of implementation in the Defense environment. He has been at the forefront of research and research leadership in AI, cybersecurity, system resilience and biotechnology. We are so glad to have him serving here in the JAIC."