Education & Training

An AI-ready workforce is key to an AI-ready DoD. To ensure the Department can fully take advantage of the power that AI will bring, it is pivotal that our workforce understands, adopts and embraces an AI-enabled future. This requires a both AI technical experts and non-AI experts who are fluent in the aspects of AI that are increasingly relevant for their work.

The JAIC is leading the DoD’s workforce transformation to upskill current personnel and develop a long-term AI talent pipeline for DoD and beyond. As part of this, the JAIC is:

  • Developing and disseminating training that improves the skill sets of the current workforce and encourages cross collaboration across the commands through the interaction of its students learning from a common curriculum.
  • Collaborating across partners to identify vital requirements to attract, develop, track, and retain a diverse, proficient, responsible, and mission-ready AI workforce across the Department.
  • Reforming workforce policies to ensure military and civilians with AI-relevant skills are hired, aligned, and retained to ensure bring their expertise to bear.
  • Leading the DoD AI Workforce Subcommittee, comprised of stakeholders from across the Department to collaborate and synchronize efforts and share best practices that drive positive reforms.

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