The JAIC Wants You!

  • By: JAIC
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“November 8th is National STEM day and we honor the dedication, creativity, and passion of JAIC’s science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) professionals who drive our AI capability delivery forward.”

- Lt Gen “Jack” Shanahan, Director, Department of Defense Joint Artificial Intelligence Agency

The Department of Defense stands at a rare moment of historical significance. Just as in 1957 when the world was caught off-guard as we watched Sputnik launch into space, our nation must again align our STEM capabilities to our national defense needs. We have entered a time when AI technologies will transform not only society, but the very character of warfare. Our country’s leadership role is dependent on our next-generation STEM expertise. The JAIC was established with this spirit of American adventure and progress.

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning technologies will fuse the physical and digital worlds and have wide spread and generational impact across all DoD missions. At the JAIC, our top priority is to attract those innovative minds from across DoD, industry, and academia. “I joined the JAIC because I am passionate about closing the chasm between research and mission end-users,” said Jill Crisman, JAIC Chief Scientist. We want to find those data scientists, AI engineers, machine learning and computer scientists, program managers, and product owners who have a strong desire to serve this nation and contribute to a mission greater than themselves; those who are driven to solve complex challenges that only the Department of Defense offers.

How Are We Going to Do This?

Bring in the best and brightest from across AI and technical disciplines: In order to attract top STEM talent, the JAIC uses the Cyber Excepted Service (CES), which is a mission-focused personnel system separate from the more familiar Federal General Schedule (GS). Non-traditional hiring at the speed of AI: Utilizing the CES direct hire authority, our HR team is hiring and onboarding new personnel in a matter of weeks, not months.

Transforming the Department Through AI

In the year since its establishment, the JAIC has tripled in size and will only continue to grow. The JAIC offers skilled STEM professionals the unique opportunity to join a brand-new organization that is scaling one of the most groundbreaking technologies, AI, across the DoD and changing the world in the process. Will you answer the call?

Resources - JAIC’s internal hiring page – the federal government’s hiring website