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  • By: The JAIC
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Artificial intelligence is a rapidly advancing technology that will change most, if not all, aspects of modern life. For the Department of Defense, AI will impact all our missions, and to a larger extent, change the character of the future battlefield. Therefore, it is imperative that AI standards provide a globally-accepted road map for AI-ready digital modernization, AI acquisition best practices, and automated AI testing and assurance.

As the focal point DoD’s AI delivery, the Joint Artificial Intelligence Center is collaborating with civilian agencies and our international allies to develop and implement AI standards that promote interoperability, dependability, and trustworthiness, by addressing societal and ethical issues, governance, and privacy policies and principles.

“AI’s impacts will be widely felt across all societies. With this will come with advantages yet imagined, but also areas of risk. The standards that are set will guide the ethical, safe and lawful use of A.I. and the character of the international order in the digital age. Along with our allies and partners, the JAIC wants to ensure that character reflects the values and interests of free and democratic societies,”

- Lt Gen “Jack” Shanahan

Well-developed AI standards will govern the full scope of AI technologies - machine learning, ontologies, knowledge engineering, interoperability, and their integration with cloud computing and big data. From an operational perspective, they will help to streamline the development and delivery of AI solutions, and merge disparate processes that slow our military’s tactical edge.

The JAIC is working with DoD components and US governmental agencies, and representatives from organizations such as NATO, the International Organization for Standardization (ISO), the International Committee for Information Technology Standards (INCITS), and Advanced Technology Academic Research Center (ATARC) on subjects such as:

  • Supporting and conducting AI research and development
  • Engaging in AI standards development
  • Procuring and deploying standards-based products and services
  • Developing and implementing supportive policies, including regulatory policies where needed.

Standards development is a long-term, iterative process. However, the work is vital as it ensures that the JAIC’s processes are repeatable, consistent, and harmonized for our partners. This investment ensures AI trustworthiness for the national defense operational environment. Stay tuned to the “AI in Defense Blog” to learn more about AI standards development at the JAIC.