AI Strong

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AI Strong

The JAIC is actively recruiting the best and brightest to help build the DoD’s artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities—and make a far-reaching impact. (Rick Naystatt NAVWAR/DVIDS)

Did you know that the U.S. Department of Defense has invented hundreds of technologies and “hacks” that have transformed global society and impacted our everyday lives?

The computer, the early Internet, blood banks, digital photography, early GPS, the microwave oven, virtual reality, freeze-drying techniques, and even duct tape are just some of the diverse and amazing things developed by the DoD and its partners over the last century.

Now, as the DoD focuses on developing artificial intelligence and machine learning (AI/ML) capabilities to help maintain a strategic military advantage for the United States, a new generation of software developers, engineers, data scientists, and mathematicians have the opportunity to develop and field the next wave of technological and societal breakthroughs.

In 2018, the Joint Artificial Intelligence Center was created to accelerate the adoption of AI at scale across the Department of Defense. As the organization continues to mature, there is a pressing need to build a permanent, experienced, and agile workforce. The JAIC team is now looking to fill its ranks with those talented people who will help build an AI ready force for the 21st century.

The JAIC’s Human Resources team is integral in bringing that vision to life by finding and matching the right people to the right jobs at the JAIC. The team takes their mission seriously - cultivating AI, not only in the JAIC, but in the DoD as a whole.

The scope of the JAIC’s work is different from private sector companies. The JAIC is helping to build AI’s foundation that will support the full breadth of the DoD. This is a mission where every individual contribution has a significant impact on the national security of our country. As such, workforce recruitment and retention is especially important for a new organization like the JAIC as it works to establish and elevate its brand and deliver AI-enabled products. Having a strong core of qualified, effective, and dedicated team members will be critical to supporting the JAIC’s long-term growth—and keeping the DoD ahead of its global competitors in AI.

The JAIC is looking to hire the right candidates immediately. To achieve this objective, the JAIC Human Resources team is leveraging online job postings, social media, professional conferences and events, and college campus visits to bring talented technology professionals and innovators to the DoD.

Ideal candidates for technical positions within the JAIC should, at a minimum, hold a degree and proven work experience in engineering, computer science, mathematics, data science, policy, planning logistics, finance, or a related field.

The JAIC is also interested in candidates with industry experience, as they bring valuable insight into market trends, new technologies, and best practices that can be integrated into both the JAIC and the DoD.


One example of an area within the JAIC that is looking to recruit is the Joint Common Foundation, the JAIC’s AI development, test, and runtime environment. The JCF is looking for candidates who can help build out a platform of AI tools, products, and data sets and services. The ideal JCF applicant should have a mix of technical expertise and an understanding of DoD processes and culture, according to Army Colonel Sang Han, the JCF’s Chief of Infrastructure and Platform.

“This is a new field for us because we’re building things from scratch,” Han said. “We are looking for the right people with the right sets of skills and experience.”

The JAIC is also interested in candidates with industry experience(Tommie Horton/DVIDS)

Han said he wants to attract engineers and system architects who are hands-on, willing to do research, able to work well with all the different capabilities that will make up the JCF platform, and enthusiastic about serving their country and making a difference—not just for today’s warfighters, but future generations to come.

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