Welcome from the DoD CIO

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As the Department of Defense’s Chief Information Officer (CIO), I want to welcome you to AI.mil, the DoD Joint AI Center’s (JAIC) new website!

This is an exciting time to be in the Department of Defense. Rapid technology advancements are dramatically shrinking the gap between the digital and physical worlds. We’re moving the Department’s mindset and culture from a hardware-centric and industrial-age force to a software-driven and information age one. Digital modernization is becoming synonymous with warfighting modernization. Our digital modernization strategy will ensure that we harness the immense potential of this technology revolution that is unfolding before us.

The JAIC is at the vanguard of this transformation. As one of the four pillars of our digital modernization strategy, AI is fundamental to the Department of Defense's competitive posture and our country's national security. It will impact every facet of our mission and will be woven into the very fabric of how we improve defense business platforms and warfighting operations.

The JAIC, an exciting new organization within DoD CIO, is the focal point for accelerating AI's use in the Department. We partner closely with the Office of the Under Secretary of Defense for Research and Engineering, who have been working for decades on our nation’s most cutting-edge developments in AI.

The partnership between computing power and human creativity and intelligence will transform us into a "smarter" and more effective organization that stands ready to solve the complex challenges of tomorrow – from the back office to the tactical edge. AI’s impact spans the entire spectrum of DoD missions, throughout every domain. From undersea to space and cyberspace, and everything in between.

How will we do this?

First, our data is at the heart of every AI project. We are addressing a wide range of data challenges, to include data collection, access, quality, common formats, ownership, and protections.

Second, we need to build an AI-ready, data-literate workforce. We are cultivating a leading AI workforce by attracting world-class AI talent through training, targeted recruitment, and industry and academia engagement.

Third, we need to change our culture. We need people who understand and appreciate the breathtaking rate of change in the digital age, and who are prepared to bring a different kind of mindset to solve the Department’s most challenging and exciting problems. If that sounds like you, I hope you will visit the JAIC’s career page. We need your help!

Finally, we care about the safe, lawful, and ethical use of AI. We are looking for the kind of people who understand both the importance and scope of change required across the Department, build upon our legacy of remarkable achievements, and who can help guide us towards a human-centered AI future.

Human-centered AI represents a crucial element of the Department’s transformation into the force of the future. It is critical to our national security. We know the table stakes are high. When it comes to developing and fielding AI, our potential adversaries are moving fast and with purpose. We cannot afford to slow down.

AI.mil is a great place to find out more about the challenging work underway across the JAIC.

Dana Deasy, Department of Defense Chief Information Officer