Press Release
Joint Artificial Intelligence Center to Pilot a Responsible AI Procurement Process

By JAIC Public Affairs  |  

The Department of Defense Joint Artificial Intelligence Center (JAIC) is continuing to operationalize Responsible Artificial Intelligence with the announcement of a pilot of a procurement review process that will ensure AI acquired by the JAIC is aligned with DoD’s AI Ethics Principles. The DoD AI Ethics Principles, along with operational commitments, are outlined in the recently issued memorandum on implementing responsible AI. The Responsible AI Institute will support the pilot.

“The development of a tactical responsible AI procurement process is essential for creating the necessary safeguards aligned with our AI Ethics Principles and further implement against the responsible AI tenets set forth by the Deputy Secretary of Defense,” says Alka Patel, Chief of Responsible AI at the JAIC.

The Responsible AI Procurement pilot is part of a holistic approach that focuses not only on the technology, but on organizational operating structures and culture to advance Responsible AI within the DoD. It will establish clear guidance and expectations for those who are interested in working with DoD to ensure that they are providing AI systems designed, developed, deployed, and used responsibly.

"For the DoD to re-think its acquisition practices and process, it is essential for the JAIC to engage with partners to enable the accelerated adopting and scaling of AI across the enterprise in a responsible manner,” says Will Roberts, Chief of Acquisition at the JAIC.

Responsible AI Institute is a 501c3 non-profit focused on community-driven development of tangible governance tools that accelerate the design, development and use of Responsible AI. The Institute’s extensive experience in regulatory policies, data governance, and the development of trustworthy AI systems for industry and governments has demonstrated how to turn responsible AI principles into action and expand opportunities with AI while minimizing harm in local and global communities.

Foundational procurement protocols will be developed and piloted through JAIC’s Tradewind Initiative, a partnership with IN3 (Indiana Innovation Institute). This AI procurement marketplace is focused on developing innovative processes, guidelines, infrastructure, and assessments for the evaluation and procurement of AI capabilities in the Department of Defense.

Late last year, JAIC and the World Economic Forum (WEF) hosted a workshop on responsible and ethical procurement practices. The procurement effort through Tradewind will build upon the workshop and the continuing JAIC efforts as well as leverage the WEF and the Responsible AI Institute partnership currently underway focused on developing a certification for the responsible use of AI.