DoD’s Joint Artificial Intelligence Center Announces the Departure of Greg Allen and Sunmin Kim
    By: JAIC Public Affairs   |   MAR 18, 2022

The Joint Artificial Intelligence Center today announces the departures of Greg Allen, the Director of Strategy and Policy, and Sunmin Kim, Policy Chief and Acting Responsible AI Lead. Both are leaving to pursue other opportunities. Allen joined the JAIC team in 2019 and Kim in 2020.

"It was an honor to be a part of standing up the Joint AI Center and shepherding the implementation of the DoD AI Strategy,” said Allen. “I'm grateful for the tremendous efforts of my teammates and proud of their success in accelerating DoD's AI adoption."

“From developing pathfinder AI capabilities to establishing DoD's foundational policies on AI to educating the DoD workforce, the JAIC has done so much in so little time. I am incredibly fortunate to have contributed to its mission, said Kim. “There is still a lot to be done---no single organization can change DoD's entrenched way of doing business. But I am confident that the JAIC and now CDAO will continue leading the Department through this critical transformation, and will always be cheering them on.”

When thinking about Allen’s time at the JAIC, LtGen. Michael Groen, Director of the JAIC said, “Greg’s intelligence, intuition, and drive made him a valued participant in every JAIC conversation. Greg is truly a strategic asset; one who, in every case, had already thought through the multi-variate problem by the time tasking arrived. He has truly been a ‘Department’ resource, as his subject matter expertise and thoughtful approaches to every issue have been widely sought out. Greg’s role in AI policy, strategy, ethics, technology, and international integration have been truly superb. Greg has blazed a wide path in the most challenging aspects of technology integration that the whole Department would be wise to follow.”

Groen continued with the accomplishments and impact Kim brought to the organization.

“Sunmin is extraordinary. Her work ethic knows no bounds, and her intellectual abilities and process experience make her a deadly weapon. In every crisis over the last two years, ‘Sunmin is working it’ has been code for it is going to be alright,” Groen explained. “Sunmin leaves a record of accomplishment in AI Governance, Responsible AI, AI Steering Group wrangling, and Congressional interactions. The legacy of the departure of this accomplished professional is measured in the ground-breaking policies she generated and the great team she has built to carry-on with the mission.”

Clark Cully, who will oversee the policy portfolio within the newly formed Chief Digital and AI Office is currently assessing the Strategy and Policy Directorate and will name replacements as the organization takes shape. Dr. Jane Pinelis, JAIC’s Chief of AI Assurance will assume the role of Acting Responsible AI lead.