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Why this MI?

Service members’ health is critical to national security, directly affecting the force’s readiness and effectiveness. The Department spends nearly $50B annually on the Military Health System (MHS). Military health records provide medical data on a large and diverse population over long periods of time, which is rare and valuable when compared to other population U.S. medical datasets.


Use AI to Identify and mitigate pressing health challenges facing our warfighters; dramatically decrease timelines for providing health care and services; and increase operational effectiveness through improved warfighter health.

Example Success Story

image_mi_bpt(Source: DVIDS)

Since fall 2019, Warfighter Health developed and demonstrated a predictive analytics capability that will expand functional disability coding to Air Force, Navy, Marine Corps, and Coast Guard in a dynamic data set. The next phase will pilot the capability before scaling across DoD. Additionally, Warfighter Health is building an electronic infrastructure to support continued innovation and future data capture for nationwide health.

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