Joint Warfighting Operations iconJoint Warfighting Operations

Why this MI?

Algorithmic warfare is inevitable. Wars of the future will employ force across all domains in heavily contested and degraded environments. Those armed with AI-enabled advantages (decision, speed, agility, and strategy) will have a distinct operational advantage.


Integrate AI-enabled applications into systems, processes, and platforms to provide sustained competitive military advantage to the United States – with the objective to deter adversaries or, if deterrence fails, to fight and win. Under JWO, the JAIC is applying AI technologies to existing warfighting processes to gain decision, speed, agility, and strategic advantages over our adversaries.

Example Success Story

image_jwo(Source: DVIDS)

The JAIC is working with USASOC to deliver 20 small unmanned air systems (sUAS) that can navigate autonomously indoors. This effort will enhance the provision of aggregate data, help DoD better understand how sUAS can be integrated into tactical operations, and drive development of new sUAS Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures.

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