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Joint Logistics iconJoint Logistics

Improving fleet readiness through AI-driven diagnostics, training, process improvements, forecasting, and supply chain optimization.

Why this MI?

The DoD’s spending on logistical support to warfighters averages $150B annually. JL aims to optimize warfighter readiness and to help sustain operations in contested environments by enhancing capabilities in the supply chain, distribution, maintenance, and health services through the use of artificial intelligence technologies. To this end, JL leverages the DoD’s vast repository of available logistics and maintenance data to provide decision support tools at all levels and deliver cost savings across the Joint Logistics Enterprise and the DoD at large.


Using the H-60 helicopter as a pathfinder platform, the JAIC and its partners have worked to identify and address key issues in a way that will not only improve H-60 operations, but also accelerate the adoption of AI-enabled maintenance and logistics applications for other platforms across the DoD. Going forward, this MI will focus on the development of AI-enabled solutions for priority applications in the other functions of logistics.

Example Success Story

image_mi_jl(Source: DVIDS)

USSOCOM deployed a model developed by JL to predict failed starts on MH-60M GE YT706 engines. Initial results have:

  • Correctly predicted failed engine starts 74% of the time
  • The potential to reduce repair costs
  • The added benefit of providing actionable information to mission planners when deciding which aircraft to send

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