Joint Common Foundation (JCF)

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The DoD’s Cloud-Based AI Development and Experimentation Platform

The Joint Common Foundation (JCF) is a secure cloud-based AI development and experimentation environment that delivers critical tools and capabilities to support the DoD’s pursuit of an AI-ready force... Think of it as the DoD’s AI App Store Purpose-built for AI development at scale:

  • We’re the “Dev” in AI DevSecOps – we provide services, capabilities, and resources to build AI models
  • Offers both cloud-native (AWS/Azure) and cloud-agnostic (open source) AI/Machine Learning (ML) tool sets up to Information Level (IL) 4. We are on a path to provide AI development capabilities at IL6 later in FY22.
  • Provides tools and frameworks necessary to develop AI solutions tailored to the needs of the operational commanders
  • Enables users at multiple levels of AI and data science readiness to experiment with and develop AI
  • Partners across military service branches, combat support agencies, and the Intelligence Community to build technical support capabilities
  • Cultivates DoD’s AI expertise and innovation through continuous development of instructional materials, AI blueprints, tutorials, and sharing of code
To learn more about the JCF, watch JAIC's Joint Common Foundation (JCF) video.

Want to get started with your AI development initiatives?
To get your JCF account, you first must have two things:

  • CAC Card
  • NIPRNet Access

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 If you have a CAC and NIPRNet access, please proceed to: to request an account.

Please register on the JCF Portal and a member of the JAIC team will contact you to scope your AI use case and support you in the onboarding process.