Opportunities at the JAIC

Front Office Directorate

Chief Responsible AI Program, GG 15


The Joint Artificial Intelligence Center (JAIC) was established to enable the Military Departments and Services, Joint Staff, Combatant Commands (CCMDs), Office of the Secretary of Defense (OSD), and other DoD Components, to serve on a Cross-Functional Team (CFT) to swiftly introduce new capabilities and effectively experiment with new operational concepts in support of DoD's warfighting missions and business functions with the overarching goal of accelerating the delivery of AI-enabled capabilities, scaling the Department-wide impact of AI, and synchronizing DoD AI activities to expand Joint Force advantages. A CFT is an inter-disciplinary team including military officers, acquisition officials, and technical experts.


The JAIC is looking for a Professional to join the Front Office to lead the DoD Responsible Artificial Intelligence (RAI) Program. In this role, you will lead the development and promulgation of policies, practices, guidance, and metrics for the Department of Defense for the responsible development, procurement and use of AI-capabilities.


  • Provide strategic direction and oversight over a technical team that leads the Enterprise-wide adoption and application of ethical principles and decision-frameworks across technical product development, data management, software development lifecycle, acquisition processes, and test, assessment, and evaluation methodologies.
  • Lead the operationalizing the DoD AI Ethics Principles.
  • Focus on integrating RAI into areas such as workforce education/training and advance the dialog on responsible AI in the military with international partners
  • Lead the DoD RAI communities (RAI Subcommittee) as well as lead organizational bodies as part of a broader RAI governance structure.
  • Foster and facilitate interagency partnerships.
  • Develop enterprise-wide RAI metrics and reporting frameworks.
  • Develop and implements an enterprise-wide RAI communication strategy.
  • Develop recommendations for technical policy issuances pertaining to best practices for the deployment of AI ethical principles and decision frameworks.
  • Support JAIC product delivery and test and evaluation teams in the development of AI-related technical ethics standards.
  • Provide direction for solving extremely complex technical ethical and bias problems associated with the development of JAIC’s products and services.
  • Promulgate new direction and guidance for responsible AI matters, as necessary, to assure technical soundness of conclusions and recommendations.
  • Lead periodic program reviews to develop an overall assessment of the adoption of AI ethical principles and frameworks.
  • Represent JAIC and DoD as a primary with organizations that develop standards for AI activities.
  • Represent the JAIC, speaking as the authority on technical related to projects within the JAIC portfolio.
  • Interface both formally and informally with senior management of Government organizations, allies, academia, and industry.
  • Plan, assign, supervise, and evaluate work of team in the DoD Responsible Artificial Intelligence Program Office.
  • Make decisions on non-routine, costly and/or controversial training needs and training requests related to employees in the unit; approves expenses such as within-grade increases, extensive overtime, and employee travel.
  • Find and implement ways to eliminate or reduce significant barriers to production, promote team building, or improve business practices.
  • Oversee and perform other specialized tasks as directed by the Director and Deputy Director of the JAIC.
  • Performs other duties as assigned.
  • Performs other related duties as assigned.


  • Expert knowledge of subject matter expertise of scientific research practices and statistical analysis methods, critical thinking, and analytical skills to develop technical standards and policies for the DoD Responsible Artificial Intelligence Program.
  • Expert knowledge of advanced theories of engineering, computer science, and software development lifecycle in order to provide technical direction to programs related to Artificial Intelligence ethics goals and objectives.
  • Expert knowledge of subject matter expertise in software strategies, processes, and methodologies for information technology systems to include software systems acquisition, integration, interoperability and testing, and resource/budget accountability.
  • Ability to build strong relationships with a broad community that defines and promotes best practice standards of AI ethics (including cloud computing, data management, and testing and evaluation).
  • Ability to maintain awareness and understanding of best practice standards in the deployment of artificial intelligence ethical principles and frameworks across industry, non-governmental organizations, U.S. government entities, and international organizations.
  • Strong knowledge in identifying aspects of current scientific and industry practices that fail to meet the complex ethical test and evaluation challenges of national security programs and work to improve those practices.


Please submit a detailed application package (cover letter/statement of interest, resume, and unofficial transcripts) and inquires to the JAIC Hiring Box at: osd.JAIC-Hiring@mail.mil