Why do Business with the JAIC – Helping to Transform the DoD through broad enablement of AI

  • By: JAIC Public Affairs

Why Work with the JAIC on AI Projects? Because we want to enable and transform your mission.

For our DoD constituents in the Services, Combatant Commands and DoD Agencies, you might have heard about this organization called the JAIC. You may have also heard leaders discuss the prospects of Artificial Intelligence and its future applications across the U.S. military. Perhaps all this talk of AI seems disconnected, too abstract, or something that does not impact your current mission.

We challenge you to think about AI in the present. Think about all the ways that AI-enabled capabilities impact your personal life from smart phones, to voice enabled services, to providing assistance in navigating your road trips, warning you of impending bad weather, to suggesting the movies you watch or the products you buy. Is it implausible to believe that similar technologies can’t also impact the DoD in the here and now?

We believe AI can impact your mission right now and that most DoD enterprises have use cases that are waiting to be harnessed. The JAIC is tasked to transform the DoD by implementing and enabling the development of AI capabilities at speed and scale. This is something we can’t do alone. Part of our mission is to develop pathfinder AI projects that DoD enterprises can utilize for their missions. Some great examples of these are our AI-enabled predictive maintenance line for H-60 helicopters or our financial management AI that helps correct errors in service members’ payrolls, or the AI that helps Air National Guard members expediently detect fire lines or flood damage.

These are all great projects that are helping early-adopter organizations in the DoD. True transformation, however, will come in the enablement space and this is where you, the DoD customer, are the benefactor. We are especially seeking DoD customers who may be disadvantaged by not having the right infrastructure or technical expertise, yet have viable use cases. It may also be true that some DoD customers need consultation on how to find their AI use cases in their organization. Wherever you may be in the AI capability discovery and ideation process, the JAIC can help jumpstart your AI project and assist in harnessing your capabilities.

One way AI brings value is by helping humans make data-driven and data-informed decisions with speed and tempo for both business and military operations. As such, a great way for organizations to start their AI capability ideation process is to answer some fundamental questions about how decision-making can be enhanced. You should consider questions such as:

  • If I could make a better and more informed decision on X process if I knew X.
  • If I received disparate information in an organized manner, I could make a decision faster and more efficiently.
  • If I could automate X manual process, it would give me more time to focus on more strategic decision-making.

You see where we are going with this. There are thousands of untapped use cases for AI across the DoD that start with leaders and operators asking themselves these fundamental questions. Once those questions and ideation occur, the JAIC can assist with data analysis to help an enterprise understand what must be done with data curation to begin an AI project.

As the DoD’s AI Center of Excellence, the JAIC wants to be a venue for AI innovation and broad enablement. We are building a foundation of infrastructure, tools and expertise that can easily be leveraged by DoD organizations. Here are some services the JAIC can provide for your DoD AI project:

  • The Joint Common Foundation that will provide all DoD AI professionals reusable tools, frameworks, repeatable patterns, and standards via a DevSecOps platform to enable decentralized developing and deploying AI/ML capabilities.
  • Technical assistance for those organizations that do not have the AI expertise in house and pre-developed AI product lines that illustrate the art of the possible.
  • Testing and Evaluation guidance and support.
  • AI ethics and policy guidance to ensure the development of AI that is Responsible, Equitable, Traceable, Reliable and Governable. https://www.ai.mil/docs/Ethical_Principles_for_Artificial_Intelligence.pdf
  • Tradewind, an AI acquisition business model that will enable DoD organizations to quickly, easily, and repeatedly identify, acquire, and operationalize critical AI technologies and services from traditional and non-traditional partners https://www.ai.mil/blog_12_01_20-the_dept_is_riding_tradewind_to_hasten_its_ai_acquisition_efforts.html
  • AI pathfinders. The JAIC currently has six AI mission initiatives that are supporting a number of DoD enterprises. These mission initiatives are great examples of the art of the possible with AI. See more information about the JAIC’s AI mission initiatives at www.AI.mil

No single DoD organization will develop and deliver every AI capability. The JAIC wants to broadly enable DoD enterprises to pursue their AI projects and contribute to an AI ecosystem that will lead the DoD toward the industrial scaling of these important capabilities. Contact us to find out how you can get started with your AI project.