A Timeline of Transformation: The JAIC’s Journey from AI Startup to AI Practitioners

  • By: The JAIC

Since its establishment in 2018, the Joint Artificial Intelligence Center continues to make impact across the Department of Defense and beyond through meaningful engagement with industry, academia, and international allies and partners. Over the past two years, the JAIC transformed from a small Pentagon tech start up into an organization of more than 200 AI practitioners. See some of our JAIC highlights and milestones below.

2018 Early Progress:

JAIC logo June 27, 2018 - The JAIC is established

JAIC logo Fall/Winter 2018 – 2018 DoD AI Strategy: Harnessing AI to Advance our Security and Prosperity is written in collaboration with key JAIC personnel

JAIC logo New Year’s Eve 2018 – The JAIC has approximately 30 people onboard

2019 Highlights:

JAIC logo January 2019 - Lt Gen Jack Shanahan was confirmed as the JAIC’s first director (Artificial Intelligence – A Game Changer and Decisive Edge)

JAIC logo March 2019 - JAIC received its full funding

JAIC logo Summer 2019 - Over 90 employees on board and all six mission initiatives were operational

JAIC logo   Spring and Summer 2019. The JAIC establishes six mission initiatives highlighted just below.

  1. Joint Warfighting icon Joint Warfighting Operations – Aligned lines of effort with Joint All Domain Operating Concepts
  2. Warfighter Health icon Warfighter Health – Collaborated with Defense Innovation Unit, Defense Health Agency, and others to develop AI medical solutions (Joint Artificial Intelligence Center (JAIC) and the Warfighter Health Mission)
  3. Business Process Transformation icon Business Process Transformation (formerly IBA3) – Delivered the Remediation Language Information Classifier (ReLIC) to DoD partners (Leading the JAIC’s Intelligent Business Automation, Augmentation, and Analytics Mission Initiative)
  4. Threat Reduction & Protection icon Threat Reduction & Protection (formerly HADR) – Delivered Minimal Viable Products (MVPs) on fire perimeter and damage assessment (The JAIC Is Supporting National Guard Efforts to Combat Destructive Wildfires)
  5. Joint Logistics icon Joint Logistics (formerly PMx) – Delivered H-60 helicopter Engine Health Model to SOCOM (Army Major Accelerating the JAIC’s Predictive Maintenance Mission Initiative)
  6. Joint Information Warfare icon Joint Information Warfare (former Cyber) – Transitioned 19 AI models to operational DoD users (Integrating AI and Cyber into the DoD)

JCF icon Joint Common Foundation (JCF) – Developed and hosted two pilot programs (JCF 101 - The Basics)

JAIC logo New Year’s Eve 2019 - 143 dedicated professionals supporting the JAIC (The JAIC Wants You!)

2020 the “Year of AI Delivery and Leadership”:

JAIC logo February 2020 - DoD officially adopted its Ethical Principles for AI (A Closer Look: The Department of Defense AI Ethical Principles)

JAIC logo  March 1, 2020 – JAIC 2.0 -“As an organization, we've learned a great deal from our successes and setbacks in managing these mission initiatives, and those lessons are reflected in our refined business model and plan that we call JAIC 2.0. We're now in an even stronger position to operationalize those lessons learned, drive scale, and catalyze long-term change in the DOD through AI,” stated Nand Mulchandani, JAIC’s current Acting Director.

JAIC logo Spring 2020 – The JAIC develops a predictive analytics AI dashboard tool called “Project Salus” in support of the National Guard and U.S. Northern Command to enhance their COVID-19 response efforts. (The JAIC Forges Ahead)

JAIC logo Spring 2020 – The JAIC transforms DoD AI Ethical principals to practice through the establishment of the Responsible AI Subcommittee and other initiatives designed to build a culture of Ethical AI.

JAIC logo Spring 2020 – The JAIC continues to make strides in leading the Department of Defense in AI Policy Development.

JAIC logo Spring 2020 – The JAIC Testing and Evaluation team lays the framework for future AI initiatives.

JAIC logo Spring 2020 – The JAIC begins working with the U.S. Combatant Commands on AI projects through the Joint Common Foundation.

JAIC logo May 14, 2020 – The JAIC is delivering AI-enabled Business Process Transformation tools to the Services and other DoD Agencies.

JAIC logo May 18, 2020 – The JAIC begins a partnership with Booz Allen Hamilton as the Prime Integrator to develop AI-enabled capabilities for Joint Warfighting Operations.

JAIC logo June 2020 – Lt Gen Jack Shanahan retires and JAIC’s Chief Technology Officer Nand Mulchandani becomes Acting Director (JAIC Director Reflects, Bids Farewell to Partners in Government & Private Sector)

JAIC logo July 8, 2020 – JAIC Director Nand Mulchandani conducts a press conference at the Pentagon, emphasizing the JAIC’s focus on Joint Warfighting Operations, lauds the organization’s growing relationships with the American tech industry, and highlights the DoD’s leadership in AI.

Later this year, a new permanent director will take the helm of this groundbreaking organization. The JAIC will continue to transform the DoD through AI, while leading the global conversation surrounding AI policies, international norms, standards, and the ethical, safe, and lawful use of AI.