Leading the JAIC’s Intelligent Business Automation, Augmentation, and Analytics Mission Initiative

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Meet Rachael Martin,  Leading the JAIC’s Intelligent Business Automation, Augmentation, and Analytics Mission Initiative

About the Intelligent Business Automation, Augmentation and Analytics (IBA3) Mission Initiative

Today, business processes in the Department of Defense (DoD) rely on outdated technology or manual oversight of business practices. From acquisitions to financial management, the U.S. military’s core business systems contain a wealth of underutilized data resources that must be made accessible to AI technologies. These processes can be improved with automation, augmentation, and analytics.

The Joint Artificial Intelligence Center Intelligent Business Automation, Augmentation, and Analytics mission initiative is aiming to transform DoD business processes by using artificial intelligence capabilities to increase productivity of service members, automate mundane tasks, and improve data management.

Why is the JAIC’s Intelligent Business Automation, Augmentation, and Analytics is critical to the DoD?

Rachael Martin
Rachael Martin
Mission Chief of IBA3 Mission Initiative

DoD is arguably the single largest “business” in the world. How our employees approach our respective mission areas is inevitably impacted by a range of business processes and practices. Generally speaking, these processes and practices don’t make our lives any easier. Recent advances in automation and AI afford us the opportunity to transform the Department’s industrial-age bureaucratic processes into digital workstreams that realizes cost savings and delivers more impactful support to the warfighter.

What milestones do you anticipate IBA3 achieving over the next year?

We are driving toward delivery of AI capabilities are scalable across the Department. In 2020, we will continue to hone the IBA3 vision and strategy, begin executing a range of projects currently in acquisition, and start scaling initial proof-of-concept products into enterprise capabilities.

How would you describe your leadership style?

I’m a strong believer that high-performing teams are a result of individual commitment and motivation to the mission. As the IBA3 lead, I provide the underlying structure, resources, and vision that channel commitment and give my team the autonomy, responsibility, and opportunity that underpins motivation. I believe that trust is essential to any team dynamic. My leadership style reflects my willingness to trust my team and colleagues, while simultaneously striving to be worthy of their trust as well.

How has your career prepared you for your current role?

I’m currently on a two-year rotation with the JAIC from the Office of Naval Intelligence (ONI). As I transitioned from an analytic to a mission manager role, I had the opportunity to do some truly innovative intelligence work that was based on data science. This work opened my personal aperture on what we could achieve with AI capabilities. As our intelligence tradecraft modernized, I became dismayed at the lack of modernization within our core business areas. Whether it involved laborious manual reviews of hard copy memos or the constant, time-consuming manual maintenance of Excel spreadsheets done on my desktop, I was an early convert to the idea that we need to embrace technology to fundamentally change our business processes. ONI was instrumental in providing advanced educational opportunities that led me to the JAIC! I truly feel fortunate to be afforded the opportunity to pursue a Joint Duty Assignment as a member of the Intelligence Community.

For more information about the JAIC and our mission initiatives, please visit www.ai.mil.