Each vehicle is deliberately designed to address a specific AI-related challenge the DoD faces and enables the Department to deliver AI capability to the Warfighter and maintain a “whole-of-nation” approach to keeping U.S. competitive advantage over its adversaries.

The full complement of JAIC’s FY21/FY22 acquisition offerings is expected to be available for use by the end of FY22.


Other Transaction Authority (OTA) agreements and a supporting business process to guide DoD through the AI algorithm development process from ideation to transition.


Multiple-award Blanket Purchase Agreements (BPAs) for rapid orders of continuous T&E and independent verification & validation services tied to the unique nature of AI.


Data Readiness for AI Development (DRAID) Multiple-award Basic Ordering Agreements for rapid ordering of data services to address “data wrangling” issues and make DoD data “AI Ready”. Future iteration: tie labeled data to Joint Common Foundation (JCF).


Merit-based Commercial Solutions Opening (CSO) approach to ordering demos of innovative commercial solutions using money or data in support of market research.

AI Talent

Multiple-award BPAs so DoD customers can procure advisory & assistance support (A&AS) contractors with the necessary skills and experience to help them achieve their AI goals.

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